The project area

The project area is the wide basin of Aoos River and its tributaries Voidomatis, Sarantaporos and Drinos, which is common to both countries. It covers a part of the Region of Epirus in Greece (Zagori, Konitsa and Pogoni) and the Region of Gjirokastra in Albania (mainly municipalities of Petran, Lünxheri and Pogon).
The area is characterized by a plurality of locations with high cultural and environmental value (preserved villages, heritage monuments, places of historical interest, Natura 2000 areas, National Parks).
In the Municipality of Konitsa will be created the Information Center "Voidomatis" and in the Municipality of Zagori the "Papigo" Information Center. The "Papigo IC" meets the needs of the large number of visitors in Zagori informing them of the presence of the network of Thematic routes, while similar role has the "Voidomatis IC".
An Information Centre in Albania will be created in the Municipality of Pogon.
The Publications and the website concern the entire project area. Also, promotional activities will apply to the entire project area.

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